Data breaches continue to happen and we will hear even more about it because data and metadata (data about data) is growing at such a fast pace in...
All activities across all devices in everyday life accumulate a unique pattern of data and information that becomes your virtual identity - your...
Banking IT heads who shared their experiences with the cloud during IDC's Asian Financial Services Congress 2015 spoke of advantages in the form of...


The newest features of Epicor ERP include support for multiple data sources
The upgrade enables mobility and supports the enablement of activity-based working
Companies are unlocking the value of machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data to drive savings and agility with knowledge processes


Initiatives include provide support for 'sixth industry' business development in tsunami-hit Fukushima Prefecture
Pursuing four imperatives for R&D transformation should enable companies to gain an operating advantage by maximising the return on every dollar of R&D spending. The competitiveness of CPG companies depends on it.
Singapore enjoyed a 141% growth in inbound investment for the consumer goods and retail industry during the past decade